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Publish Priorities v2.5.0

ASGARD v2.5.0

Here’s what we’ve prioritized this sprint.

Scheduled for update on June 4, 2019 at 9pm PST.


Note: During this update, we will be updating one of the components of our application package, resulting in a larger-than-normal download.

Asgard Main App

Our prioritization policy is to work/resolve quality and workflow issues before taking up enhancements. We have a larger-than-usual number of bugs prioritized for this sprint. Our complete priority list is below, but subject to de-scoping enhancements if time does not permit completion of everything.

AsgardMobile 2.0

We are continuing to work on the new AsgardMobile solution as our highest priority. The application already includes log-in using Asgard credentials (no device ID), Work Order Search by Location, and Dispatcher for Standard and PM Work Orders (including start and complete capabilities for Standard Work Orders).

We are currently working on the ability to Create Work Orders. From there, we will be moving onto the User Work Order list. Our plans are to sunset AsgardMobile 1.0 this year and early feedback/testing is encouraged!

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Bold tickets are underway

AsgardMobile 2.0, Create Work Orders

Standard Work Orders, Enhance to support Stop and Start functionality

Guest Tracking ID, Create Configurable Field for Desktop and Mobile 2.0

Work Order Create, Increase Visibility of Incomplete/Pending Work Orders

Cleans, Recently Completed Screen, Display Occupied Status

Ability to split Standard Work Orders for Incomplete Tasks

Asset Search, Optimize Keyword Search for Descriptors

Work Orders, Perfect Vacation Log/Report

Cleans, Differentiate Future Work

Additional Priorities TBD


No tickets currently ready for testing


Auto Assign, Add Ability to Inactivate Rules

Account List, Enable User with View Permissions to See Account Details (Bug Fix)

Billings, Show $0 Labor (Bug Fix)

Active Work Orders, Show Task Notes / Quantity Requested

Account List, Enable User with View Permissions to See Account Details (Bug Fix)

RPR/OPR/PO, Display Vendor List as Search Parameter (Bug Fix)

PM Templates, Only Display Active Stock Items in Default List

Standard Work Orders, Assigning from Active Screen not Logging (Bug Fix)

Work Orders, Copy Photos/Comments to Rework Work Orders (Bug Fix)

Active Billings, Do Not Duplicate Labor on Adjustments (Bug Fix)