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Publish Priorities v2.8.0

ASGARD v2.8.0

Scheduled for update on October 22, 2019 at 9pm PST.

Our prioritization policy is to work/resolve requests by order of criticality, severity, and breadth of impact. Quality and workflow issues typically take precedence over enhancements. This sprint, our primary focus is resolution of bugs/quality issues and initial development of a Guest Incident Tracking (Guest Restitution / Recovery) Module.

What about Mobile 2.0?

Last sprint, we completed the Dispatcher module and the first part of the My Work Orders list. We are pausing to gather critical feedback from our Beta testing community, to guide completion of the remaining development work.

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Bold tickets are underway but weren't able to be completed in time for v2.7.0

Guest Incident Tracking, Initial Functionality


Supply Chain, Purchase Orders, Add Ability to Edit Remarks/Supporting Documentation after Approvals are Started

AsgardMobile 2.0, Ability to Edit Costs (Scan Barcodes)

AsgardMobile 2.0, Styling Cost Screens

Cleans, Import, Enhance Handling of Description Information


Inspections, Templates, Show Model Task that will be Created from Failed Item

Vendors, Ability to Create PO from Vendor Details

Active/Follow-Up, Reinstate Follow-Up Item Count

Finance, Ability to Delete Actuals from the Budget Tab

Cleans, Details, Require Primary Assignee

AsgardMobile 2.0, Styling Changes to Dispatcher and My Work Orders