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Asgard Basics


The issuing of the newest version of Asgard. A new version of Asgard is usually published on the 4th Wednesday of the month. On Publish night, Asgard will be inaccessible during the maintenance window, which is typically 1 hour starting at 10:00 p.m. PST. An announcement is posted in the Katana News window on the Welcome Page, an email is sent to all site leadership teams, and an alert appears upon login on the day of the update, to alert users to the planned maintenance.

Immediately following the software update, Asgard’s Click-Once technology will automatically download the newest version when a user launches the application.


A document outlining the changes and new features available in the latest version of Asgard. There is a link to the publish notes in the Katana News section of the Welcome Page. Insert Katana News Publish Announcement with Notes link


The number associated with the Asgard Publish, such as 2.0.0.XXX. The current version is available on the login window of Asgard,

. . or via the Help menu > About Asgard.