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Work done for the purpose of verifying other work, such as inspecting the cleanliness and condition of a unit, the functionality/condition of site assets, the quality of an employee’s work, or the completion of other work orders, that includes multiple pass/fail tasks. These work orders may be scheduled or unscheduled, and are based on pre-established customer and/or site templates. The tasks are presented in a Pass/Fail format


Similar to PMs, Inspection work orders are controlled by templates. Inspection templates include the department completing the work, a recurrence rate, if desired, controls for when the new work orders are generated and expired, and the list of items/areas to be inspected. Unlike PMs, Inspections can be generated on an ad hoc basis, as they are needed. Inspection work orders can be created in both the desktop app and on the mobile app. This allows site leadership with a few minutes to spare to quickly conduct spot inspections, and for departments to schedule inspections the day of check-outs.


Tasks on an inspection work order are marked Pass or Fail, and a score is generated by Asgard. The minimum passing score on Inspections can be configurable to meet your organization’s standards. Notes fields are available to make note of why a task failed, and the feedback can be used as a learning opportunity.

Asgard tracks both who completed the inspction, and whose work is being inspected (the Inspectee). This allows for detailed reporting on Inspection scores and most commonly failed tasks, and provides instananeous feedback for staff.

Asgard also provides detailed dashboards for Inspections, including Top 10 Failed Tasks, which can be filtered to examine a specific time period, a department, and an inspectee.


An Inspection template can be created, and regularly updated, to import the property’s ten most requested work orders as its tasks. This gives your team an opportunity to inspect, and correct, the most common issues before a guest arrives on property. Katana clients have seen an increase in guest satisfaction scores after implementing this inspection.