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Preventive Maintenance


Standardized work that reoccurs on a regular schedule, and includes multiple tasks that must be completed in the same location or on the same piece of equipment. These work orders are based on pre-established customer and/or site templates. The tasks are presented in a Complete/Incomplete format.


PMs are standardized work that reoccurs on a regular schedule, such as an annual unit deep clean.  PM work orders are scheduled to generate automatically on a regular schedule.  Recurrence rates can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or on a custom schedule.

A Unit Deep Clean-ANN will generate new, individual, work orders for each unit once a year, typically on or around January 1st.  Users have until December 31stto Complete the work orders, at which time the Incomplete PMs will expire and no longer be available, and a new batch of work orders will generate for each unit.

The PM Schedule page gives users an overview of when each PM will generate new work orders.


PM work orders are controlled by templates that include the department completing the work, the recurrence rate, controls for when the new work orders are generated and expired, and the list of tasks that must be completed.

Master Templates are templates that are used by all, or many, of the sites within an organization, and contain the same settings and tasks at each site.  Flex Tasks can be added if some sites have slightly different practices than others.  For example, if only one site within the organization has fireplaces in the units, a Flex Task would be added for that site only to address the fireplace maintenance.

Site-Specific Templates can be created if a type of recurring work is completed at only one site within an organization.

Edits can be made at any time to a template by the Katana team. Template changes will take effect when the next iteration of PM work orders is generated.