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Supply Chain Management

Asgard has the ability to integrate with your inventory to accurately manage your supply chain. All of your Stock Items, parts and supplies can be uploaded into Asgard, with their detailed data, including:

  • Name and Category
  • Item/Part #
  • External ID
  • Default Cost/Unit
  • Current Inventory Level
  • Par Inventory Level

Stock items can be used in work orders, both tracking inventory depletion, and guest-loaned/returned items. Additionally, Asgard can be used in conjunction with bar code scanners to simply your inventory processes.

Stock items can be sorted into individual Stock Rooms. A site may create stock rooms for each area on the property where inventory is stored, including supply closets, warehouses, housekeeping carts, and maintenance golf carts. This allows you to quickly identify how much of any stock item is available at any location on property.

Asgard can also maintain your list of Vendors, tracking their contact information and which of your properties use them.