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Asgard Features & Benefits

Your annual agreement with Asgard includes ALL features and services!
Your organization can mix and match these features and services to keep costs down, improve efficiencies, and increase guest satisfaction scores.

Asgard Analytics – Begin with the end in mind!

The data derived from using Asgard is an invaluable tool for making critical business decisions.

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Asgard Analytics Portal: Analytics tools that sit above the database, providing unparalleled data visualizations. Data from Asgard can be blended with data from other systems to provide a 360 view of resort or financial operations.

  • Specialized reporting can be created at the property, region, or enterprise-level 
  • Provides visibility into key metrics that drive success in customer satisfaction. 
  • Roll up the data across large organizations for global transparency that drives critical decision-making.
  • Access to the portal to slice and dice your data yourself
  • Custom views
  • Subscriptions to have analytics delivered to your inbox on your schedule

The Asgard Work Order Platform – Get it Done!

Location Management

Back-end setup of Asgard that mirrors the locations on your property and supports and drives all Asgard modules.

  • Allows for work orders to be created/scheduled for any location on your property. 
  • Can be used to create/schedule work orders for assets like golf carts, or chillers.
  • Tracks data efficiently for future reporting requirements.
  • Brings together work order and asset information, seamlessly!

Guest & Staff-Reported Work Orders

Manage quick-response work reported by guests or staff to minimize problems experienced and maximize the satisfaction scores.

  • Efficient, quick entry desktop screen for entering all work requests on one screen regardless of the department that will fulfill 
  • Capture source – guest, guest text, staff, survey – for future analysis
  • Organizational and site-specific model task list to ensure structured data
  • Ability to include needed notes or photographs
  • Work orders can be auto-assigned to balance the workload, or assigned manually, as needed
  • Tracking of assignment, work, and follow-up time metrics
  • Visibility into work pending, work in progress, and work completed 
  • Status management for escalation of overdue work
  • Mobile compatibility (Apple and Android)
  • Dashboards and in-app reporting provides real-time visibility and allows leadership teams to manage the data

Preventive Maintenance Work Orders

Manage preventive maintenance on predetermined schedules to protect valuable assets and extend expected life.

  • Master templates to drive organizational standards, with flex tasks to customize for each property.
  • Automatic generation of work orders based on a recurrent schedule
  • Ability to mass assign, and mass complete
  • “Big board” visual for real-time monitoring of status
  • Clear visibility into days/dates since last completed to optimize scheduling/staffing
  • Ability to add notes, comments, and pictures
  • Visibility into work pending, work in progress, and work completed
  • Mobile compatibility (Apple and Android)

Inspections Work Orders

Check the quality of work completed to ensure it meets organizational standards. Inspect equipment, water quality, fire, and life safety for risk management.

  • Master templates to drive organizational standards, with flex tasks to customize for each property.
  • Automatic generation of work orders based on recurrent schedule, or ad hoc creation at the mobile or desktop level
  • Ability to mass assign
  • Ability to add notes, comments, and pictures 
  • Ability to inspect the work of a specific housekeeper and track the results
  • Visibility into work pending, work in progress, and work completed
  • Mobile compatibility (Apple and Android)


Designed to track the same work to be done in multiple locations (e.g. replacing all of the chrome faucets) or large-scale one-off projects (e.g. repave the parking lot).

  • Create projects across an entire property, or break them down by building or floor
  • Track with the work is being done in-house or through an outside vendor
  • Estimate costs and completion date
  • Description field to clarify work to be done
  • Easy ability to add multiple locations

Supply Chain/Inventory

Take control of this significant cost center. Manage inventory from the time it is received until it is used, including tracking to the work order level.

    • Manage vendors, including contact information
    • Manage multiple locations where inventory is located
    • Manage par levels and alerts to reduce or eliminate stockouts
    • Digital approval routing and PO management
    • Barcoding for efficient tracking
    • Inventory can be added to work orders on mobile devices
    • Track parts for cost management
    • Ability to require approval for the removal of high-end inventory
    • Comprehensive analytics and opportunities to integrate with accounting systems (can be delivered to your inbox)


If you bill other departments or owners for work completed, Asgard will streamline this process to maximize your revenue and make cost centers transparent.

  • Ability to set up custom billable actions to automate the calculation of costs
  • Track labor and parts for cost management and accurate billing
  • Easy review screen with the ability to edit, with permissions
  • Billing report generated in a format that is easily accepted by Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable


Make breaking out the house easy and minimize the number of guests waiting for rooms.

  • Ability to create custom templates to accommodate any clean type
  • Interface with the PMS, or use an import for daily cleans
  • Track points to balance the workload and manage payroll
  • Easy assignment feature
  • Assign multiple people to a single Clean
  • Alerts for completion prior to next check-in, to allow time for inspection
  • Comprehensive analytics (can be delivered to your inbox)

Guest Incident Tracking

Problem resolution or restitution can become a high-cost center when not tracked effectively.

Reduce repeated complaints by providing visibility to all properties into a history of incidents previously experienced by owners/guests at any property.

  • Arrival report with any previous incidents for any arriving guest
  • Track types and locations of guest incidents
  • Assign to specific managers, or the manager on duty
  • Track multiple responses toward resolution
  • Track cost of compensation, including additional points, stays, wine, etc.
  • Data can be included in the manager on duty report
  • Easy interface for fast entry/search
  • Comprehensive analytics, including trending analysis (can be delivered to your inbox)


The power of Asgard in the palm of your hand!

Capture all the work that’s being done on your property with accurate work times and real-time information.

  • Standard, PM, and inspection work orders are all enabled on AsgardMobile
  • Complete work orders assigned to you with the ability to add notes, comments, and pictures
  • Create work orders and assign them to yourself or leave them unassigned. 
  • Pictures can be added when work orders are created (facilitates clear communication between departments)
  • Pause or suspend work orders as needed
  • Dispatcher app to allow mobile dispatching for all departments
  • Location search to quickly see all work orders in any location
  • User-friendly and fun to use (leads to quick adoption)

Integrations, Data-Blending, and Analytics as a Service

The Asgard solution works seamlessly with most systems and data.

  • IVR
  • Texting
  • PMS / Occupied Status Information
  • PMS / Reservations Information
  • Cleans Status
  • Survey Data
  • and more!

The Asgard Assets & Reserves Platform – Show me the money!

Account Management

Manage multiple HOA accounts, ancillary accounts, or any other specialized account in Asgard. 

The Asgard finance team is always available to assist with any of these features or provide any mass-edit capabilities you may need.

  • Have multiple HOA’s, VOA’s, or other account types associated with one property 
  • Separate and distinct reporting for each account
  • Rollup reporting across multiple accounts

Asset Management

Identify and manage assets by location, category, or type.

  • Track costs, quantities, and locations
  • Manage expected life and next replacement date
  • Include inflation to replacement costs
  • Flag to include in Florida statutory reporting
  • Create expense series to recur at specified intervals

Cash Flow Management

Manage the cash flow to a 10-, 20-, 30-year, or custom horizon. Monitor percent funded to smooth out highs and lows.

  • Track all expenses
  • Track income, including interest and other income types
  • Monitor ideal balance in percent funded
  • Comprehensive reports for asset managers and board members, including Florida statuary report
  • Specialized reporting is available through the Asgard Analytics Portal


The complex process of managing HOA budgets is made easier in Asgard.

Budgets can be maintained throughout the year, including importing actual expenses to track near real-time balances.

  • Importing of reserve studies
  • Multiple scenarios for visibility into “what if” situations
  • Define projects to be completed upon budget approval 
  • Project report grouping
  • comprehensive in-app budget reports
  • Specialized reporting available through the Asgard Analytics Portal