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Join Our Team!

What is Katana Software?

We are a passionate software-as-a-service provider, serving the hospitality industry. We help our customers make money, save money, and improve guest satisfaction.

We are more than a product team. We are a force multiplier, working with a broad range of needs and customers across the industry to support service-driven operations.

Who’s on the Team?

We hire team members from a wide variety of backgrounds, and experience types. We are an equal opportunity employer, incredibly proud of our diversity and inclusive environment. We are united by shared values.

Where will I work?

We are a fully remote team, with team members spread across the United States. As a member of our team, if you have a good internet connection, you may be able to work wherever you are located.

These are remote work positions. Each employee must provide his/her own private and secure work space with reasonable availability of high speed internet connectivity.