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Features of Our Platform – Asgard


Asgard is a fully integrated Facility Management and services system, combining unmatched Resort Operations tools, such as Work Order Management, Preventive Maintenance, Inspections, and Projects, with sophisticated Financial Planning and Budgeting, and Asset Management tools. Also offering a suite of useful add-ons, including Lost & Found, Inter-Shift Journals, and Inventory/Supply Chain Management.

Reporting and Analytics, Project Management, and Resort Operations Workflow Consulting services have a proven impact on key performance indicators.

Katana offers comprehensive, annual service agreements that include customization, integration, implementation, training, unlimited licensed use, and free upgrades of the Katana web-hosted software.


  • Easy to use for all assigned, dispatching, and management staff 
  • Powerful user-defined features including:
  • Fast creation, assignment, completion of work tickets
  • Company-defined standard task descriptions
  • Define and capture Actions Taken
  • Auto-assign work by department
  • Status Tracking and Aging
  • Email Alerts
  • Extensive Reports
  • Mobile Phone Device Support
  • Enterprise Configuration and Management
  • Legacy Data Integration


  • PM Template support and import
  • Unlimited task definitions
  • Easy to use auto-scheduling
  • Supports mapping PM to key assets and locations
  • Status Tracking and Aging
  • Powerful on-screen tools to manage large installations
  • Extensive Reporting and Analytics


  • Asset and Expense Activity Budgeting
  • Enables Project Budgeting and tracking
  • Supports compliance reporting through user-defined accounts and budget expense categories
  • Tracks and manages expenses and reports budget variances
  • Powerful data management tools to manage expenses
  • Unique “what if” scenario generator allows quick creation and comparison of financial models
  • Extensive Reserve, Cash Flow, and Budgeting Reports


  • Powerful Asset Categorization and Management database
  • Unlimited asset location, description, and replacement information
  • Full Support for Digital Images
  • Integration with existing asset records and optional bar-code readers


  • Context-specific reports and statistics for Financial, Asset, Work Order, and Preventive Management Modules 
  • Optional OLAP development for custom business intelligence reporting