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Asgard Training Approach

Katana offers a variety of training options and will work closely with you to ensure the best possible outcome for your team.

There are three common training models:

Online, Katana-Led Training

Members of the Katana Training Team provide training sessions for all areas of Asgard and all user roles, using online meeting software.  The onsite Asgard Champion makes sure that the training room has the needed equipment and is ready for the online trainers and assists in coaching the users and facilitating the sessions. “Managers are always trained online prior to any end-user training.

Preparation Checklist:

  • Training Room
  • Training Computers with Asgard Loaded (No more than 2 -3 trainees per computer)
  • Audio is functioning correctly
  • Computer, connected to screen sharing application and screen.
  • Internet access
  • Asgard loaded on all training computers
  • Mobile devices with AsgardMobile downloaded
  • Google Sign Up Sheets completed for all sessions

Asgard Learning Portal / Self-Directed Training

We are excited to introduce you to the Asgard Learning Portal (ALP), a self-directed training resource available for your entire team. The ALP provides video training by role and includes practice sessions and quizzes to ensure retention. There are several benefits to using the Learning Portal for training:

  • Cost savings for the site
  • Allows you to provide training on your timetable
  • Training can be accomplished either individually or in a group
  • Your teams own the success of the training

Preparation Check List:

  • Internet access
  • Screen / Projector / Speaker (For Group Training)
  • Access to Asgard Learning Portal
  • Asgard Loaded on all training computers
  • AsgardMobile downloaded on Mobile Devices
  • Google Sign Up Sheets completed for all sessions

Katana On-Site Training / Go-Live Support

Katana Software has a unique training philosophy. All training and support provided by Katana Software are included in the annual agreement.  The only fees for onsite training are actual travel expenses, including accommodations, transportation, and meals/incidentals. Most onsite engagements consist of two days of training and the third day for go-live support. We will work with your team to determine the schedule that will work best for site(s).

Preparation Check List:

  • Training Room
  • Training Computers with Asgard Loaded. (No more than 2 -3 trainees per computer)
  • Projector/Screen or big screen TV with HDMI connection
  • Internet access
  • Asgard loaded on all training computers
  • Mobile devices with AsgardMobile downloaded
  • Google Sign Up Sheets completed for each session

One size doesn’t fit all. We get it.

We can mix and match remote and in-person approaches to deliver a training plan that works for your property and team.

Asgard Champions

It is critical that an Asgard Champion be designated to connect directly with Katana staff. The Champion is responsible for coordinating training, preparing training facilities, and ensuring that all users are registered for training. (S)he will work closely with the Katana training team to create the initial training plan and will be a point of contact for user assistance post-implementation.

  • Pre-training with the Katana Team
  • Schedule/Sign up users for training (all training types)
    • Asgard will provide Google Sheets to schedule users for trainings
  • Sets the tone of the training
  • Observes the attendees for any signs of:
    • Confusion
    • Lack of interest
    • Enthusiasm – possible super users
  • Answers any process questions based on site/corporate best practices
  • Facilitates the Practice Scenarios and ensures all users can complete them
  • Reports back to their management team and Katana Software on the status of training through the completion
  • Assists with Go-Live Support