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In Memorium

Mark Moreno

Software Developer

April 7, 2020 – We have lost our friend and teammate Mark Moreno to this terrible virus, COVID-19.   He was a remarkably gentle, humble, and unique man.  Anyone who knew him understood he was the epitome of unflappable calm, unassuming, always even, never up or down, always quiet and soft spoken.  Mark moved deliberately and spoke his words with economy.  He preferred to listen rather than speak.  Mark held degrees in both Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science and spent his entire career working as a software developer.

Those who knew him well also knew that, despite working indoors with technology, he truly loved nature.  He loved the outdoors. He loved hunting wild game. But most of all he loved caring for his animals at his ranch in Colorado.  From horses to llamas, goats to cats (and especially kittens), Mark found daily joy in a life filled with pastures, mountains, and always his animals.

I have known and worked with Mark for 30 years and he was one of the first employees at Katana Software 20 years ago this year.  As an original Asgard developer, Mark has seen and been part of our entire history.  I can honestly say the entire time, he accepted any job, never complained, worked in any role when asked, never sought praise or advantage.  There were many times he worked long and thankless hours in the night to help our company, and did it all in the same calm, quiet way. Mark was Mark.  Simple in expression. Always an unhurried friendly greeting. Mark was enduring consistency.

So we have lost our friend and teammate Mark Moreno and our lives are different now. For the first time in all these years, we won’t know the consistent steady presence of Mark. He was quiet and never the focus of attention.  But our lives are different now.  We’ve lost our friend and teammate.  And we will miss you and remember you. Always.

Rob Woodward, CEO