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Katana Software is a proud member of the American Resort Development AssociationĀ and was honored to be named the 2014 ARDA Alliance Member of the Year.



Asgard provided an operational platform that would help to consistently deliver and achieve a high level of service, quality, and commitment to excellence for all of their timeshare owners and resort guests. The Resort Operations team embarked on a strategic project to consolidate five different work order management systems through the use of Asgard.


Brett-Robinson had been using the same work order legacy system for the past 17 years. An RFP process was initiated for an enterprise Work Order Management system. Various systems were evaluated, but no product was discovered to meet their needs. The cost and functionality of other systems could not be justified, until they found Asgard.

Vacation Internationale

Vacation Internationale was founded in 1974 and is a pioneer and industry leader in the “points-based” ownership model of the timeshare vacation industry. Providing a wide range of vacation destination settings in three countries (Canada, the U.S., and Mexico). Vacation Internationale provides vacation flexibility and top service to over 33,000 member owners making them the largest owner-controlled timeshare company in the world.