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Marriott Vacation Club

 As a large international company, we have implemented and currently use many software systems, but have never encountered a software vendor so customer-centric and service-focused.

Marriott Vacation Club

Marriott Vacation Club (MVC) is the largest luxury resort ownership system in the world, managing approximately 10,000 units across 53 resorts around the globe. For the past 25 years, they have made their 400,000 owners vacation dreams a reality. MVC is a part of the Marriott company, a company that focuses on service, quality and an uncompromising commitment to excellence since 1927.

About three years ago, MVC learned that Asgard provided an operational platform that would help to consistently deliver and achieve this high level of service, quality and commitment to excellence for all of their timeshare owners and resort guests. The Corporate Operations team embarked on a strategic project to consolidate about five different work order management systems, as there was no real consistency or standardization for the software systems utilized at their resorts. By implementing Asgard, the organization not only consolidated to a single work order management platform, they were also able to utilize the following system features to help manage their resort operations:

1. Automated Work Order Management functionality, integrated with peripheral devices so that associates can receive and complete their assignments in the field.

2. Created a corporate standard for all resorts for their Preventative Maintenance program.

3. Loaded reserve studies to accurately track and manage assets, in all of their rooms and common areas, throughout their resorts.

4. Implemented a financial budgeting and planning process to manage the lifecycle and refurbishment schedules for all of these assets.

The MVC Corporate Operations team shares their experiences with the Katana Team and Asgard:

“The Katana Team has worked side-by-side with our team in creating a highly dynamic and robust solution that has had a tremendous impact on our operations. The Katana system directly addresses the business requirements of our processes and procedures. As a result of implementing their system, our associates now have a tool that allows them to perform their job better, with greater efficiency and effectiveness. This has not only resulted in improved customer satisfaction metrics, but has gone so far as to positively impact our associate culture.

Given our commitment to service and excellence, the Katana Team has always been concerned about our perspective, and we feel like they were customizing their product for our business, The Katana Team has taken a partner role in supporting communication, training and change management throughout the implementation. We have invited them to both national and regional leadership conferences, not as a vendor, but as a partner in our business. This is a distinction that has rarely been accomplished within our organization.

As a large international company, we have implemented and currently use many software systems, but have never encountered a software vendor so customer-centric and service-focused. In working with such a nimble and attentive team, we were able to expand the original project scope and achieve success at every implementation point throughout the project. These goals were much more compelling and delivered far superior results than originally envisioned.

The project management effort from Katana was vital to our success. Their ability to quickly understand our challenges and provide technical solutions allowed for uncommonly swift resolution. In some cases, Katana even facilitated the alignment of disparate parts of our own organization. To have a partner that exemplifies the very type of exceptional service we attempt to deliver has been inspiring and reinforcing to our broader company mission. In considering the Katana product, the service and the on-going support, there is no comparable team more exceptional than that of Katana.”