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Vacation Internationale

 With Vacation Internationale’s 24 unique resorts it is critical that a software solution can be tailored to fit each resorts specific needs.

Vacation Internationale

Vacation Internationale was founded in 1974 and is a pioneer and industry leader in the “points-based” ownership model of the timeshare vacation industry. Providing a wide range of vacation destination settings in three countries (Canada, the U.S., and Mexico), Vacation Internationale provides vacation flexibility and top service to over 33,000 member owners making them the largest owner-controlled timeshare company in the world.

Two years ago, Vacation Internationale identified Asgard as the solution to help manage the asset record keeping, reserve expense tracking, and budgeting needs of 24 different resorts distributed in three countries. The operations leaders at Vacation Internationale had the unique challenge of pulling asset data together from many sources each year to create a single consolidated reserve budget to serve and inform their pool of owners. Asgard provided not only the advanced enterprise-wide software system to facilitate and consolidate data management across the company, but also included a dedicated data support team that took on the job of helping initially load and then work with site managers to progressively update data from a variety of sources.

Working as a partner with Vacation Internationale, Asgard and the Katana data team created a data model of each site’s units down to the last asset detail and serial number. Using this model, the Vacation Internationale management team, including both corporate and site managers, now have an accurate and sensitive system that lets them track all reserve expenses and asset information and use this information to plan and project budget and reserve cash flow needs for each site and the entire company.

Vacation Internationale continues to expand and deepen its use of Asgard in the following areas:

– Identify, track, and standardize company asset information

– Provide managers and owners with accurate records and reports of all reserve expenses

– Increase the accuracy and effectiveness of company-wide expense budgeting and tracking

– Provide a single company-wide, standardized system to support better corporate communication and management support of field operations

– Provide a new top-down view of the company’s asset and purchasing costs for potential cost savings and company-wide planning

The Vacation Internationale Corporate Operations team shares their experiences with the Katana Team and Asgard:

“With Vacation Internationale’s 24 unique resorts it is critical that a software solution can be tailored to fit each resorts specific need while at the same time melding the information into a document that can be used at the corporate level in budgeting and planning sessions. Katana Software for Asset Management has done that and more by:

Tailor made modifications to fit VI’s unique needs.Fast responsive customer service, for training, answering questions and providing support for large projects.

The web based program provides VI with a dynamic living document and concrete data that is always current and up to date.

With the data provided we can plan for next year and project needs for five to ten years out.