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Publish Priorities v2.23.0

ASGARD v2.23.0

Please see Publish Priorities below. Our next publish will be scheduled in the next couple of weeks to push out a new version of Asgard Mobile 2.0 and Desktop with various Customer Facing Changes and Quality/Performance Enhancements.

Our prioritization policy is to resolve requests by order of criticality, severity, and breadth of impact. Anything prioritized the previous publish period that did not progress through testing will be the top priority during the next publish.

AsgardMobile 2.0

v2.22.0 is now available in your device’s AppStore! Please update to the latest version at your earliest convenience.


The following tickets are underway and/or prioritized for v2.23.0. Bold tickets are in progress.



RPR, Create Override Total Capability

Work Orders, Create, Allow Sites to set number of days showing for pending/recently completed

Work Order Create, Add ``In the Main Location Itself`` as sublocation

Assets & Reserves, Report Grouping, Enforce 50 character max

Assets & Reserves, Account List, Remove Data Graph Tabs

Assets & Reserves, Optimize Formatting of Excel Export of Expenditure Summary Report

Assets & Reserves, Add User Permission to Mass Edit (Pre-Work for New Functionality In-Progress)

RPR, Remove Account Type Criteria from Default Account

RPR/OPR/PO, Print, Report no longer including Competitive Bids and Associated Hyper Links

RPR/OPR/PO, Reinstate Competitive Bid Hyperlink

AsgardMobile 2.0, Work Order, Putting Phone to Sleep Triggers Loading Error

AsgardMobile 2.0, PMs/Inspections, Add Ability to Quick Collapse all Task Sublocation Groups

Lost & Found, Fix Found Date Stamping

Work Order, Active Screen, Fix List Jumping Back Up After Scrolling

AsgardMobile 2.0, PMs and Inspections, Enhance Banner Expand/Collapse Default Behavior

Recently Completed Screen, All Super Types, Fix to Started/Completed Column Order