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Publish Priorities 2.30.0

ASGARD v2.30.0

Our goal is to add as much value as possible with each update. Our first priority is to ensure the stability and performance of all modules of Asgard Desktop and Mobile. We prioritize new features and enhancements based on which changes will address the greatest business challenges for our customers broadly across the industry.

If you or your team is facing a system or business challenge, we would love to help! Contact us at and our customer service heroes will connect you with one of our product development experts.

AsgardMobile 2.0

v2.29.0 (Apple) / v2.29.0 (Android) is now available! Please update to the latest version at your earliest convenience.




Assets & Reserves, Add Alternate Currency Symbols
Assets & Reserves, Asset Import, Add External ID to Asset Import
Fix: Assets & Reserves, Asset Category Screen Breaking Up Asset Types
Fix: Billing, Active Screen, Last Edited By Column not populating
AsgardMobile, Work Orders, Optimize Horizontal Mode
Fix: Work Order Create, Inconsistent Behavior for Sub Location Required
Fix: Staff on Shift, Department Nomenclature Not Updating on Active Profile List
Fix: Inspections, Active Inspection Screen, Aging Status Ordering Alphabetically
Work Order, Reporter, Add additional functionality
Assets & Reserves, Scenarios, Add Statutory Flag to Expense Series/Expenses
Locations, Add New Location Type: Equipment
Assets & Reserves, Reports, Add Statutory Breakout for Reserve Analysis Report
Assets & Reserves, Reports, Add Statutory Breakout for Cash Flow Report