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Publish Priorities v2.28.0

ASGARD v2.28.0

Our goal is to add as much value as possible with each update. Our first priority is to ensure the stability and performance of all modules of Asgard Desktop and Mobile. We prioritize new features and enhancements based on which changes will address the greatest business challenges for our customers broadly across the industry.

If you or your team is facing a system or business challenge, we would love to help! Contact us at and our customer service heroes will connect you with one of our product development experts.

AsgardMobile 2.0

v2.27.0 (Apple) / v2.27.4 (Android) is now available! Please update to the latest version at your earliest convenience.




Assets & Reserves, Inflation, Enhance Inflation to allow Annual Control

AsgardMobile, Styling/UX Improvements, Create Home Screen Convenience Feature

Assets & Reserves, Asset Type Details, Upgrade Grid / Optimize UI

Work Orders, Search, Enhance Search Screens (All Super Types) to have Select All/None for Types

Work Orders, Support Multiple Assignees

Assets, Costs, Enhance Asset-Type Mass-Editing Capability to Update Instance Costs

Guest Incident Tracking, Add Search Screen/Capability

More Features TBD!!!



Work Orders, Search, Enhance Search Screens (All Super Types) to Make Location Search Function Clearer

iOS 16 Mobile Compatibility Testing

Change Site, Enhance Filter-to-Type Capability

Billing, Add new Vendor Billable Action Type

AsgardMobile, Styling/UX Improvements, Optimize Icons for Light Mode on Android

AsgardMobile, Dispatcher, Add Work Order Type filter

Unsavable Changes, Update Error Dialogue Throughout App

Assets & Reserves, Mass Edit, Enhance Change Logs

Assets & Reserves, Asset Instance Opening Multiple Times (Fix)

Assets & Reserves, Permissions, Fix to Scenario Edit / Account View

Directory, Print Detail with Privilege Error (Fix)

Inspections, Recently Completed Screen, Update Score Column to Display Percentage

Work Orders, Notification Logs, Preserve Notification details after User taken Off Shift

Work Orders, Fix to Work Time Calculation