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Publish Priorities v2.20.0

ASGARD v2.20.0

Prioritization for this version is still underway. The publish date will be announced shortly.

Our prioritization policy is to resolve requests by order of criticality, severity, and breadth of impact. Anything prioritized the previous publish period that did not progress through testing will be the top priority during the next publish.

AsgardMobile 2.0

v2.19.0 is pending publish dependent on a fix by Microsoft for a known notification bug. We are on standby until Microsoft addresses this bug.


The following tickets are underway and/or prioritized for v2.20.0. Bold tickets are in progress.

API, Work Orders, Create Service for External Creation

Work Orders, Log Completion Source

Work Orders, Optimize Work Order Import with Stock Items

Guest Incidents, Actions Taken, Enhance to Include Date and Time Stamp

Guest Incidents, Actions Taken, Change Labels

User Permissions, Restrict Edit Due/Over Due by Permissions

Work Orders, Active Screen, Add Due Date as Optional Column

AsgardMobile 2.0, Inspections, Add Description field to Completion Screen

AsgardMobile 2.0, Work Order Details, Add ``Due/Over Due By`` Date & Time

Purchase Requests, Re-instate Company Logo Water Marks

Purchase Requests, Print, Fix Request Status Display


AsgardMobile 2.0, Work Order Create, Add Photo Screen Optimization

AsgardMobile 2.0 Active Work Order Lists, Optimize Formatting for Reported By Names

AsgardMobile 2.0, Apple, Update Calendar Funtionality

AsgardMobile 2.0, Notifications, Remove FD Shift Limitation

Guest Incidents, Remove ``Beta`` Label

Guest Incidents, Make Comments Available During Create


AsgardMobile 2.0, Change Site, Make Site Selected More Visible

AsgardMobile 2.0, Standardize Hambuger Menu Icons

Work Order Create, Billing, Add Warning Bubble for Arbitary Owner