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Publish Priorities v2.19.0

ASGARD v2.19.0

Current priorities are on hold to address emergent performance priorities. Upcoming publish priorities will be finalized in the next two weeks. Please check back soon.

Our prioritization policy is to resolve requests by order of criticality, severity, and breadth of impact. Anything prioritized the previous publish period that did not progress through testing will be the top priority during the next publish.

For the next update, we are resuming standard prioritization. Please see below for what we are working on.

AsgardMobile 1.0 has been fully sunsetted. Please use the following links to download AsgardMobile 2.0 if you have not already:

AsgardMobile 2.0 for Android

AsgardMobile 2.0 for Apple


The following tickets are underway and/or prioritized for v2.19.0. Bold tickets are in progress.

RPR/OPR/PO, Remove deleted Lines on Print Report

Assets & Reserves, Optimize Reserve Import for smoother reloading

Active Follow Ups, Research latency due to excessive Active Follow Ups

Billable Actions, Remove associated Stock items when Inactive/Deleted/Merged

Work Order Search, Fix Error When Saving Query with Multiple Locations

Billings, Owner Invoices, Fix missing Work Order ID

Assets & Reserves, Scenarios, Fix Next Replacement getting stuck

Assets & Reserves, Fix to Last Inspection Date not Updating

Work Orders, Fix error when free typing in a Suspend Reason

Assets & Reserves, Assets, Fix Remove From Service Error

Assets & Reserves, Accounts, Fix Other Income Error

AsgardMobile 2.0, Accommodate Dark Mode

AsgardMobile 2.0, Increase visibility into active register devices

AsgardMobile 2.0, Translate Completion Screens

Active Follow Ups, Add Reported By column

Reservations, Add ability to remove cancelled Reservation



AsgardMobile 2.0, Work Orders, Register Previously Set Actions Taken

AsgardMobile 2.0, Hold Session when User Uses Back Button to Exit App

AsgardMobile 2.0, Apple, Utilize Full Screen on List Pages

AsgardMobile 2.0, Fix to Work Orders without Actions Taken generating with tasks complete

AsgardMobile 2.0, Use Site Time for Mobile Receive Time for Accurate Mobile Receive Delay

Logs, Add Creation Source (Desktop, Mobile, etc.) to Work Order Log

Inspections, Fix handling of Incomplete Tasks on Expiring Inspections