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Publish Priorities v2.21.0

ASGARD v2.21.0

This publish’s priorities can be found below. Publish date is TBD.

Our prioritization policy is to resolve requests by order of criticality, severity, and breadth of impact. Anything prioritized the previous publish period that did not progress through testing will be the top priority during the next publish.

AsgardMobile 2.0

v2.20.0 Apple is pending publish dependent on a fix a known notification bug.


The following tickets are underway and/or prioritized for v2.20.0. Bold tickets are in progress.

Guest Incident Tracking, Optimize New Incident Form for reduced screen size

Assets & Reserves, Optimize backend removal of Asset Types for reload

Assets & Reserves, Optimize backend removal of Expense Series for reload

Assets & Reserves, Add New Site-Level Custom List Field, Phase

Assets & Reserves, Add New Site-Level Custom List Field, Unit Type

Assets & Reserves, Asset Types List, Screen Enhancements

Active RPR Screen, Add ``Balance`` as new optional column

Assets & Reserves, Account Reports, Optimize Formatting of Excel Export of Expenditure Summary Report

Active RPR Screen, Add ``Actuals`` as new Optional Column

Active RPR Screen, Update Total Used column to Planned Amount (Expense)

Active RPR Screen, Update Total Open column to Approved Amount

Assets & Reserves, Budgeting Tab, Add RPR Approved Amount as Optional Column

Assets & Reserves, Account List, Budget Tab, Add Project Codes as Column

Supply Chain, RPR, Trigger Warning Message/Do Not Allow Approval when request exceeds available balance

Assets & Reserves, RPRs, Add Actual Spend to RPR Details

Assets & Reserves, Account Detail, Add option to see past expenses

Assets & Reserves, Expenses, Add Ability to Add a One Time Grouped Expense

Asset & Reserves, Accounts, Add Ability to Archive Accounts

Assets & Reserves, Create Permissions to Allow Mass-Edit by System Users


AsgardMobile 2.0, Better Error Log Management


RPR, Search, Add Project Code as a Search Parameter

AsgardMobile 2.0, Fix to Repetitive Notifications during Mass Assignment

Assets & Reserves, Scenario Reports, Project Details Report Blank

Assets & Reserves, Fatal Error when editing past Income

Work Orders, Dashboards, Occasional Print Error

Inventory Managements, New Stock Item Filter Optimization

Grids, Update Export to default XLSX

AsgardMobile 2.0, Optimize Log In screen Credential fields