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Create Work Order Practice Scenarios Quiz

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  1. The create Work Order Screen is a rapid entry screen designed by front end users. You don’t need to use your _______ at all.
  2. The Pending and Recently Completed work field data can tell you which of the following?
  3. There is nowhere in Asgard to put additional information about a guest or staff request.
  4. Asgard does not allow you to put tasks for different departments on the same Create Work Order form.
  5. In the “Reported By” field, it doesn’t matter if you choose Staff or Guest.
  6. What is an Extra Request?
  7. Which of the following things helps you work together as one team to improve the guest satisfaction?
  8. A guest calls in with two requests. The first she wants right now, but the other request is not needed till tomorrow. What should you do?
  9. When adding a Model Task to a Work Order you don’t want to type the words “deliver”, “assist”, or “repair”. There are hundreds of model tasks that begin with these words.
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