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PM Practice Scenarios Quiz

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  1. PMs are different than standard Work Orders in which ways?
  2. PM Templates can be created at the organizational level or the site level. When the template is created at the organizational level, it is called a _______________.
  3. You need to contact Katana Support to get a specific permission to work with PM Work Orders in Asgard.
  4. Why is the Aging Status column in the Active PM Screen important?
  5. On the Active PM Screen, the two columns, Last Completed and Days Since Last Completed, provide critical information that enables you to decide the best course of action when assigning your PM work orders.
  6. What is the correct way to assign a PM Work Order?
  7. If you leave a task incomplete in a PM Work Order, the system will not allow you to complete the PM.
  8. In order to complete a PM Work Order in the desktop application, it must be ___________________.
  9. Even though PM work orders can be completed in the desktop application, they are most often completed using a mobile device because it is the most efficient and accurate way to complete the work order.
  10. When completing a work order with incomplete tasks on the desktop application, you will have the option to select which of the following in the “Task Completion” Field?
  11. The ___________ provides a summary view of the status of your PM work orders based on the work order you selected.
  12. In the Matrix Screen, which of the following is NOT true:
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