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Staff On-Shift Practice Scenarios Quiz

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  1. In Staff On-Shift, a worker assigned to a department will only receive work orders for that department.
  2. When you start a worker’s shift, you have options to assign which of the following to your worker:
  3. You can assign a user to more than one Facilities Department using Staff On-Shift.
  4. If you are ending a worker’s shift and the associate still has open work orders assigned to them, then the End Shift dialog box will automatically open informing you that the associate has outstanding work orders.
  5. You can assign more than one mobile device to a user in Staff On-Shift.
  6. To change a mobile device from one associate to another, you need to:
  7. You can only end one associate’s shift at a time.
  8. What option do you have when an associate is ending their shift and has work orders assigned to them?
  9. If there are any unassigned work orders in the system, a Transfer Outstanding Work dialog box opens. What options do you have?
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