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Housekeeping Cleans – Welcome to the Family!

Among the numerous and varied responsibilities of the “back of the house” Resort Operations teams, arguably the most critical is the daily turnover from Occupied/Dirty units to Clean/Available Inventory.  This process goes by many names, such as “Breaking Out the House,” “House Breakout,” and “Daily Cleans”. It generally always includes stripping and re-stocking the units, repairing maintenance issues, and cleaning and inspecting for guest arrival.

We identified an opportunity to replace the legacy, homegrown or purchased, manual or software-based Housekeeping “Cleans” systems/functionality that our customers use today, and to integrate existing work order and billing concepts in Asgard.

What is the Housekeeping Cleans module all about?

Managing Cleans information manually, especially for a large property, is a tremendous effort. Manual verification of unit status (cross-referencing the Property Management System), and making updates daily based on schedule, results in missed opportunities for load-balancing with staff (including both under and overstaffing), and loss/misuse of proactive opportunities to return units to inventory early.

To accomplish this mission-critical goal, and add value to existing processes, we must combine data from multiple source data systems, not currently supported in/interfaced with Asgard, to generate and execute rules for assigning “Cleans”.

How will we receive this new functionality?

Cleans Phase IA was delivered in Asgard v500, and included the User Interface to accomplish the following tasks/workflows:

  • Assign Cleans Permissions (User Directory)
  • Create Clean Types
  • Create Clean Templates
  • Create Cleans from Templates
  • View Cleans List in Active Cleans Screen
  • Edit/Complete Cleans
  • Reports on Cleans

The module has since been enhanced to support import-driven Cleans, and additional expediting functionality.

As always, we are available to support you in custom set-up and design.

How Can I Learn More? When can I try it?

If you have any immediate questions, comments or ideas for features and capabilities, please feel free to contact or contact us directly.



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